Slippy - Freaker USA (2019)

Slippy is a new product developed by previous client Freaker USA. It is a sustainably made freaker alternative crafted with plastic that was cleaned from beaches and oceans. They are a smaller form factor from the original and come in many styles, even made to order custom for your business or event. Check them out and buy here!

Narsehole Bidet (2020)

Narsehole is a new product from Zach Crain, Founder of Freaker USA, and his brother in law Dale Backus, Founder of OhSnap. It is a new and modern version of a classic bidet that can be installed on a pre-existing toilet in your home bathroom or wherever you see fit. It was a crowdfunding project back featured on Kickstarter.


Worked as a contract content creator for Freaker USA! Here is a complete edit of all the animations I did for them!

StarBlade - Pondering Possibilities

My long time friend Jared Vance, also known as Star Blade, had this video in his head for a very long time. It was the first of a series of videos that were going to release along side the launch of his debut album, Cuttin' Through the Universe. You can listen to the full album on his soundcloud!

Visions Film Festival & Conference 007

In late 2016, I joined the Visions crew on the Art Team. I made the badges and some handouts and posters, as well as a lot of animations and art images for social media. It is a great festival for undergrads looking to get their work shown and to make friends.

UNCW Presents: Beauty & The Beast

I was recommended and selected to do the stop motion video segments of this stage play, directed by Christopher Marino. At the beginning of each act, the characters telling the story to the audience would place their hands in a small box and pretend they were doing a puppet show of the events going on.

Nightlife Vibes by Richie Rickey

I was commissioned by musical artist Richie Rickey after he saw some of my work with motion graphics on social media. He was really as they say, stuck in the 80s with this one and while it's not a chart topper, it is pretty catchy after you've listened to it as much as I have. I'm not sure if he is making music anymore unfortunately.