Director: Forest "Bobby" Hartman Jr.

I'm a filmmaker and animator, born in Indiana, and spent several years in NY and finally deciding to be local to NC. I learned that I wanted to spend every day of my life doing anything art related from a young age. That, along with a childhood saturated by cartoons and movies, made me realize that I wanted to make my own. Sometime upon arrival to eastern North Carolina, I decided to major in film studies and production at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. Since graduation, I have worked with many teams and clients and I'm currently working freelance making countless miscellaneous projects. In my free time, I am pursuing my own films and series.

With everything I make, I journey not to be understood, but to understand the journey.


2D/3D/VR/Stop-Motion Animation

Logo and Commercial Design

Video/Film Editing

Art Assets and Illustration

Character and Environment Design

Screenplay & Script Writing

Camera work and Sound Design

Set and Lighting Design


Adobe Creative Suite

Davinci Resolve & Final Cut Pro

Toon Boom Harmony, TV Paint

MOHO, Dragonframe, Pro Tools

Blender, Gravity Sketch, Oculus Medium

ANIMVR, Quill VR, Tvori

Autodesk Shotgun

Gimp, Krita, Audacity, etc.


Greene HS Robotics Team

Wilmington School of Ballet

UNCW Theatre Program

FilmMatters Magazine

Visions Film Festival & Conference

Blackout Industries Game Studio

Star Blade Music, Richie Rickey, Silverhawk

Freaker USA & Narsehole